How to use

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Debride the wound and clean it using clean tap water.


Gently dab the wound dry using a dry lint-free swab.


Sprinkle Acapsil on to the entire wound bed and edges in an even layer of 1-3mm.

How to dress the wound.

Cover with a light, dry and highly permeable secondary dressing.


Repeat this procedure daily until the wound shows no signs of infection or necrosis.
In non-chronic wounds this, on average, will be 3 days.

After Acapsil

After ceasing the use of Acapsil, the wound should be dressed as above and left completely undisturbed to heal.

The dressing can be changed weekly or biweekly – unless the wound gets wet as that would prompt a wash and dressing change.


Acapsil has not been associated with wound irritation or contact sensitisation (allergy).

The components of Acapsil have not been found to cause toxicity.

Acapsil is not absorbed by the body.

Acapsil can be removed by simple irrigation with water.